Natural Sleep

The natural choice for healthy sleep

A good night’s sleep is important to all of us and at Harrison Spinks Farm we take this very seriously.

Our natural resources enable us to create mattresses with a blend of technologically advanced fillings which deliver a healthier temperature regulated sleep environment.

Naturally comfortable, luxurious and eco friendly our own pure Yorkshire wool is the original and unique eco fibre which uses natures high performance qualities ‘built in’ to enable it to respond to environmental and atmospheric changes. Wool has the ability to breath allowing free movement of air which allows natural temperature control in the mattress with moisture absorbed and released all the time when you are sleeping. This exchange of air regulates the temperature to provide maximum warmth when it is cold and keeps you cool when hot for the most luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep. Wool also has the advantage of being naturally flame retardant, does not emit toxic gases and is hypo allergenic.

To complement these health benefits of Yorkshires finest wool, our traditional Hempure fibres are grown for their inherant softness and purity to become an integral component in mattresses to give a more natural deep sleep.

Caring for the environment and your well being ensures we are committed to growing levels of comfort for our customers by delivering the best mattress quality for the best sleep possible – naturally.

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