Eco Environment

Responsibility for the environment

We know that care of the environment is vital and therefore at every stage of our land use, production and manufacturing processes we consider with responsibility eveything that we do.

At Harrison Spinks Farm we are committed to a reduced carbon footprint, growing our own resources locally and not sourcing from distant continents, by so doing, effectively reducing unnecessary transport miles. This means we have less impact on the environment in terms of emissions, moving to our goal of a neutral carbon output creating a positive impact on our environment and also playing our part in the maintainance of a healthy ecology.

We are pleased to be recognised as accountable for the integrity of our manufacturing processes employed in the making of our mattress products. Also, it is an important fact that because we track the history of our materials and understand the eco benefits of why they have been chosen, we can guarantee that mattresses made with our fillings have a significantly improved envirmental impact.

Our eco friendly development will continue with plans for the immediate future to include the sourcing of timber from sustainable fsc forests and soon to create our own hardwood and softwood tree plantations.

At Harrison Spinks Farm we look forward to a healthy, sustainable future and recognise environmental integrity is a crucial element in what we do in improving sleep technology and to protect our world, now and for the generations to come – naturally.

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