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Growing mattresses from nature

Harrison Spinks Farm is a grade II listed farm with a unique heritage tracing back to Roman times. Set in 300 acres of beautiful Yorkshire pasture and arable land, together with our own flock of sheep, woods, river front, protected hedgerows, a rich diversity of wildlife and crops, makes this the perfect setting to grow fillings for eco natural bed mattresses. This natural environment with an ideal climate provides us with the opportunity to bring our vision to grow a diverse collection of top quality materials for mattresses – into reality.

Pure new wool is acknowledged as the original and best of fibres which is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. Our dedicated Texel/Leicester & Sawledale sheep flock yields thicker, stronger and more resilient wool which produces unsurpassed resilience making the purest of grades perfect for mattress technology.

To complement our pure new wool fillings we have invested in a programme of planting envirmentally friendly technically researched crops to make Hempure filling blends for luxurious softness and unsurpassed mattress quality.

So, here at Harrison Spinks Farm, we are accountable for what we do and know that the integrity of our products is total, with control of quality to only the highest of standards. This, together with the knowledge that our ‘own grown’ resources integrated with the best modern spring technology and innovative construction techniques, make our mattresses the best in the world – naturally.

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